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Welcome to Oldies

Welcome to the website for the Oldies faction, located on the Sanctuary server of Perfect World International.

We are a family of mature players who enjoy being helping, doing faction events, squadding together, PvE, and we do participate in Territory Wars from time to time just for fun. The most important thing to us is having fun and helping each other out.

Oldies is an international family, with people in many countries, cultures and timezones. If you would like to become part of our family please use the 'Recruitment' link that you can see to the left.

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NEVER share your account details

There are scammers in PWI - Trust nobody!

It only takes a few minutes....

Just gain 200 merit points per week to show you are active

Share your "... of the day" with Oldies

Jokes, Recipes, Links, Videos, Images, Songs, Comics etc...

Oldies has a ventrillo server, kindly funded by jinx

Click the image for full server details and password

Oldies Trading Post

Trade your PWI items with other Oldies
Welcome Oldies Members
Hello Oldies Member! Thanks for logging in to the Oldies website (PWI Sanctuary server).

We hope you enjoy using the website. If you have any suggestions for changes to the website please post here, or contact an officer.

As a member of Oldies you must follow the OLDIES RULES

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