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Age limit
You must be 21 years of age or older to be in Oldies faction.

Website member
To be an Oldie in Sanctuary server, you must also be a member of this website.
You must use your PWI character name on this website.

Faction rules
As an Oldie you must follow these rules at all times. Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

Membership fee
From level 1 to 50, there is no membership fee.
After level 50 the weekly membership fee is 200 merit points, gained through completion of quests in the Oldies faction base. Please ask for assistance in the base if you need help.
If you want to do more than 200 merit per week, that is voluntary.

Active members
We will monitor your merit points to ensure you are an active member (1 to 50 we'll monitor your level). If you appear to have stopped playing (no increase in merit/level), we may need to remove you to make room.
If you are on holiday or taking time out, you must post on the ‘Vacation or time out’ thread.

Voluntary donations
We accept voluntary coin donations, to the character OldFunds.
We also accept mats, gear, herbs, books etc. to the many banks we run. Please check the banks list on this website.

We try to hold events for all members as often as we can. These can be hosted by anyone. They’re usually a lot of fun so please try to participate.

Faction trial events
Please see this separate page which provides details of the DKP, attendance, mats etc related to the faction trial events.

Territory wars
Oldies does TW for fun. We have fun before, fun during and fun after the war. Whether we win or lose, it does not matter.
EVERYONE in Oldies can sign-up, regardless of level, gear, skill or experience, but we can only take the first 80 people to sign up.

We have fun but not at the expense of other people. Do not start drama in our faction or with other players or factions. Let's show the world how mature we are!

Trash talk
Do not trash talk (drama) in public chat**.

Show respect to all other players, at all times.
Remember while you're in this faction you ride the "wheelchair" and everything you do as an individual reflects on the faction as a whole. YOU are an ambassador of Oldies so please set a good example, be helpful and respectful to all others at all times. Hold your head up high and be proud you're a member of Oldies.
Respect other people, and they will respect you.

Keep all public chat** clean and mature. Avoid the use of CAPITALS. Do not use swear words in anger. Do not bully or poke fun at other people.
Horn chat
If you use a horn whilst in Oldies, your punishment will be to clean the toilets in the faction base.

Diversity warning
PWI has players from many cultures, countries, ages and sexes.
Think about what you say before you say it. Do not make offensive religious, sexual, personal, homophobic, nationality, disability or racial remarks to anyone or about anyone. If you make such a comment by accident, be prepared to apologise.

Account sharing
If your character breaks a rule, we will not accept the ‘it wasn’t me’ excuse.
Don't share your PWI account details (username and password) with anyone else.

We no longer accept new alt characters (permanently) into Oldies. We are a very full and busy faction, and lots of brand new members wish to join Oldies.
If member numbers are low then you can add an alt to Oldies, but be prepared to remove it if we get 195+ members.
Note - Any alts already in the faction are safe unless you take them out. The above rules then apply.

Alt temping - this rule applies when we have 195+ members
We do allow temporary alts, if rooms allows. You can add an alt into main Oldies ONLY for the duration of play on that day. This alt must leave when you log out. If you abuse this rule you will no longer be able to use it.

Alts faction
Oldies does have a level 3 faction for alt characters (baby OIdies). If you'd like to put your alt(s) into baby OIdies, please ask any Officer in the main faction (they can log into a default character for invites), or find someone from the alts faction to invite you.

Drops from instances
You must agree how to share drops from a run before you begin the run. There is no set "faction rule" on drops - you must decide these on your own in the squad.
However on ALL FB's the drops go to the tabber unless the tabber states clearly otherwise.

Faction alliances
We are friendly with, but remain diplomatically neutral with, all other factions.
If you have a grudge against another faction, keep it to yourself. Other factions may contain children or have questionable morals, but that doesn't mean you should act as a child and retaliate.

PK mode
Sanctuary is a PVE server. If you choose to use PK mode, please remember all the Oldies rules. If someone kills you in PK mode, thank them for a good fight.
Do not PK another Oldie without specific permission to do so.
PK exception: In the Cube of Fate an Oldie should only PK another player in rooms 14 or 34 or 58.

Breaking the rules
If you break any of the rules your case will be assessed by an Oldies officer. Depending on the severity of the problem, you might be asked to leave Oldies, or you might receive a warning.

Players are expected to resolve disputes as a whisper or private chat. Drama must not be brought into public chat**. If there is a problem that you cannot resolve privately with the person concerned, please speak with one of the Oldies officers privately.

Need an officer?
Try to settle all disputes by whispers or within your party, in a mature manner. If your disputes can not be resolved, please whisper to an Executor with your problem. If Executors are offline or busy or unable to solve your problem, please contact a Marshal. If all else fails, please contact the Director or Leader.
If your complaint is about an Oldies officer, please contact the Director or Leader. If your complaint is about the Leader, you’re probably in the wrong faction.
If you bring an issue to an officer, be prepared to prove your claim. Screen-shots might be requested as evidence in some cases.

**Public chat is squad-chat, faction-chat, world-chat, horn-chat, chat-rooms, teamspeak, vent & forums.

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